History of Pearl Street Grill Brewery

Pearl Street Grill & Brewery came into existence in 1997 at 76 Pearl St in downtown Buffalo, NY. It was initially formed as a partnership between a group of local investors and the Wynkoop Brewing Company of Denver, Colorado which was already a successful brewpub operation. After only a few short years into the partnership, the local investors bought the Wynkoop stake in 1999 and continued to develop the brewpub into the icon that it is today. Over the years, successive floors have been remodeled and opened to the public for restaurant and banquet space. As it now stands, Pearl Street Grill & Brewery has opened all four floors and the basement for a total of 9 bars and countless tap handles - all of which are serving house-made craft beer from holding tanks in the basement.

The building in which Pearl Street resides was originally built in 1870. The first owner was a local dressmaker, Mrs. George Palmer. The business was sold in 1891 to H.O. Putnam, another dressmaker. The building ceased being a dressmaking operation in 1919 when the R.C. Neal Co. took over the building and established a hardware store. After being a dressmaking shop for nearly 50 years, the hardware store continued another 60 years until 1982. During the time in which the hardware store operated, a restaurant set up shop in the building as well. Mac Garry's restaurant operated out of the basement of the building from 1927 until 1963 when the street grade was changed with the arrival of the expressway and the windows looking into Mac Garry's were now below ground. It was 20 years before another restaurant opened with Garcia's Irish Pub in 1983. Garcia's was the only business in the building from 1983 until 1996 and the dawn of Pearl Street Grill & Brewery.