Fill out the form below to request a keg. Please note the following:
   • All kegs require 24 hour notice
   • Pickup times for kegs are between 11am - 6pm.
   • There is a cost for the beer in the keg and a fee for the rental of the keg itself
   • Keg rental requires a $75 (cash or check) deposit payable at time of pickup
   • Keg rental deposit is fully refunded when our exact keg is returned within 90 days
   • All of our kegs have a standard "Sankey D" tap connection
   • Unfortunately, we no longer rent pumps.

Got your own keg that you want filled? We are glad to fill soda/corny kegs from customers. Just tell the bartender what beer you want when you drop off your clean keg. Leave your name & number so we can contact you. Turnaround time is usually 24 hours.

Write in the seasonal beer you are requesting. Not all seasonals are available for keg fills.