Current Seasonals

New Zealand IPL-  Featuring the New Zealand hop "Wakatu" and German Saaz hops, this India Pale Lager is hoppy and bold.

Oktoberfest Lager- Our light bodied, easy drinking version of the style.  Best served by the boot full.

Single Hop Series: Centennial XPA-  An XPA, or Extra Pale ale, is a lower abv version of an IPA.  Weighing in at only 5.4% ABV and using a boat load of Centennial hops, this beer goes down easy while tasting great and boasting a huge aroma.


Stop in today to try our hop head flight- our three seasonals IPA's and Terminiator IPA for the lovers of lupulin out there for only $10!

Upcoming Seasonals

Single Hop Series: Chinook XPA-  Brewed exclusively with the Chinook hop to showcase the awesome aroma's and flavors that are possible with single hop beers.